Wealth management, Coutts

Jamie Regan, Coutts. Wealth Management Team

jamie-regan-coutts-photo-cropped_1024 My degree subject and year of graduation – Philosophy, 2015

My current job

I am a Wealth Manager at Coutts.. Coutts is a private bank that advises the UK’s most successful and influential families.

I help clients to achieve their ambitions by developing an effective strategy to protect, preserve and grow their wealth, and ensure that it has its intended consequences. I have particular expertise in investment management.

The clients I advise are from the sports, media and entertainment industries, land-owning community, legal and medical professions, and those with a significant public profile.

My career history to date (March 18)

  • Wealth Manager, Coutts
  • Graduate trainee, Coutts
  • Intern, Coutts

Relevant experience

How I use my degree skills and knowledge in my work.

  • My role requires strong analytical skills and a critical eye for detail which I developed enormously during my degree. I present recommendations to clients which are supported by strong justification
  • Secondly, when I discuss complex affairs with clients, I need to be articulate these with utter clarity, as in philosophical work.

Experience that helped me to get where I am now

 The most beneficial include:

  • Work experience (detailed above)
  • Passions & hobbies – successfully advising private clients hinges on one’s ability to build strong relationships with clients and prospective clients. My interests and hobbies, including sport, music, media and other forms of entertainment, have helped me to build greater rapport with these individuals
  • Qualifications – I hold the CISI’s Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) and Investment Advice Diploma (IAD). I also hold the IFS’ Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)
  • Student Societies – I was a member of the Edinburgh University Trading & Investment Club which helped me in a number of ways.
    • It offered a tangible demonstration of my interest in the financial services industry;
    • it improved my knowledge about investments;
    • it brought to my attention a number of career opportunities that I would have otherwise been unaware of

My career decisions and how I made them

I was offered a full time position at Coutts having completed a ten week internship in the summer between my third and final year at Edinburgh. The decision was an easy one by that stage because I enjoyed the experience so much.

To reach the decision of applying for Coutts in the first place, I:

  • conducted a great deal of research about careers online, through careers fairs and writing to professionals;
  • used the university Careers Service who were very helpful;
  • gained various forms of work experience to ensure that the reality of particular roles matched my ideas.

My advice to students who want to get into this area of work

  • Speak to professionals in the industry. If you are enthusiastic about it as a career they will be happy to talk to you.
  • Gain any experience you can, paid or unpaid
  • Know the industry and keep up to date with current affairs

My general advice to students making career decisions

If you have even an inkling of what you might be interested in, pursue that with passion and vigour otherwise you’ll never know whether it’s for you or not.

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