Cara Wase, Insight Analyst, Mediacom

 Cara Wase, Insight Analyst,


LinkedIn profile

Degree  – MA Psychology, 2015

My current job

I’m an Insight Analyst at MediaCom Edinburgh, running a wide variety of market research projects. I manage research from start to finish: writing the survey, managing the field work and then reporting and presenting the results.

I answer questions about consumer behaviour and condense research reports into concise summaries of meaningful insights. I track macrotrends influencing UK consumer behaviour and produce a weekly newsletter about interesting marketing news.

My career history

After graduating in 2015, I started working at MediaCom later that year as a Trainee Insight Analyst. At the start of 2017 I was promoted to Insight Analyst.

Using my degree-skills and/or knowledge in my career

My Psychology background has been very useful for market research. Understanding the human behind the data helps me bring statistics to life.

I’ve always been passionate about statistics and have really enjoyed applying advanced statistical techniques to market research. For example, I recently ran a factor analysis to learn what consumers really value about petrol lawnmowers and found some surprising results which the client was very happy to hear about!

My relevant experience

The careers service was a huge help to me: I went for a practice interview, and the questions the interviewer asked turned out to be very similar to the ones in my actual job interview! At the real interview, I felt confident and prepared, and I got the job!

I really threw myself into my degree, and what I learnt has been so valuable. Being involved in the student magazine was also helpful, since my job involves quite a lot of writing.

My  career decisions

I always wanted to work with statistics, so I chose a Psychology degree because of the statistical component.

I sought out a lot of opportunities and asked smart people for help. Edinburgh University is great because the professors are so approachable.

It’s definitely worth reaching out to people – I asked to assist with a project in second year, and an expanded version of that project became my dissertation in third year. Then, my project was adapted for use in Psychology tutorials! It’s amazing what you can achieve through collaboration.

The careers service was fantastically helpful, providing advice and a practice interview, and my job was even advertised on their vacancy website (now MyCareerHub). I’m very glad that I took advantage of all the career help that was offered.

 Advice to students wanting to get into this area of work

An interest in Psychology is great preparation for market research, since consumers are people, first and foremost.

Even if you aren’t studying psychology, there is great information out there to help you learn about the human mind! I would really recommend Psyblog as a great resource for learning about new and exciting psychology studies.

Advice for students making career decisions today

Do what you love, and be yourself at uni. This is a great chance to try anything out!

For example, I learnt public speaking by joining the stand-up comedy society, and now I feel confident giving important presentations at work.

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